aktek flame deflagration arresters

TP8400M Series Deflagration Arresters are typically used on atmospheric tanks which contain volatile liquids.

INTRODUCTION  As will all AKTEK products, every Model TP8400M Series is factoryinspected to meet all critical requirements and special needs. Inventory is maintainer to ensure rapid delivery.


Model TP8400M Series are designed to inbihit flame propagation in gas piping systems and to protect low pressure tanks containing flammable liguids. Arresters protect low flash point liguids from externally  caused sources of heat and ignition.This provides increased fire protection and safety.
SPECIAL FEATURE                                                   
Model TP8400M Series are built of corrosion resistant materials throughout. Wafer design construction affords easy accessibilty  to the flame bank. Additionally, jack screws aid in the removal from the shell assembly. All Aktek flame arrester flame banks utilize spiral wound, crimped ribbon constructed flame elements. These proven, Factory Mutual approved elements have been reported, by NTIS of the Dept. of Commerce, to provide the best flame quenching performanc for the least pressure drop. Aktek’s special recessed flame bank seating construction uniqueyly provides an extra measure of protection against leakage and possible flame propagation.
Size Code 02 03 04 06 08 10 12
Nominal Pipe Size 2” 3” 4” 6” 8” 10” 12”
A Max. 240 300 380 480 590 650 830
B Max. Height 345 430 539 648 751 877 1050
C Flange In Diameter 102
D Bolt Circle Diameter 191
E Flange Out Diameter     230        
F Flange Diameter     24      
G Hole Diameter     20        
H Number Of Holes     8        

• Sizes 2’’ through 24’’(Sizes 2’’ through 24’’USCG approved).
• Low pressure drop with multiple element sizes available for each flange size.
•  Easy cleaning.
•  Bi-directional flame arresting
•  Vertical or horizontal installation.
• Standard  materials of construction are carbon steel or stainless  steel.
•  316 SS element is Standard.

As with all Aktek  products, every Deflagratıon Arrester is factory inspected and tested to meet all critical reguirements and special  needs. Inventory is maintanied to ensure rapid delivery.